OPM is becoming my on-line support system

I have been an member of OPM for a year, but I have noticed that I am logging into OPM far more than ever before. Part of this because I am trying to make headway on getting to medical school. But I also feel that OPM is becoming a small-scale on-line support system, a place to browse for gems of advice, shout glee, and vent frustrations about not just the premed ordeal, but about life’s ups and downs as well. Am I being too sentimental about this?
Thank you OPMers, most definitely rockstars all.

too sentimental? Nah. Having enjoyed the camaraderie of OPMers for hmmm 5? 6? years now, I am happy to include many of them as my good friends. I have shared so much more than med school experiences on OPM - it’s an important part of my life and everyone gets to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. I love it.
And if you think we are a great on-line support community, we are FANTASTIC in person. I can’t wait for the Denver conference!

Oh, I don’t think it’s small scale.
“Cuz we BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD…We’re Nationwide”
Can everyone hear the ZZ Top bass line accompanyment?
Oh well.

That is so cool to hear! sure seems like a great group I have started only one post and have received much great advice!
I definitely can see this will be a place that I am going to visiting much more often.

Every time I see a post about the support at OPM, I am very happy. These are a great bunch of people, and if OldManDave NEVER does anything worthwhile again it would still be a fantastic acheivement and service to have founded this group. I hope you always feel that you can find anything here that you need. Take care and good luck,

I had actually strayed for a while but came back when med school was giving me that overwhelmed feeling (and I was just a couple of months in). Then I discovered that I’m not the only one going through this. It’s so much better knowing that I’m not alone in all of this.

I love this place. Every time I get discouraged, I come here and read all the success stories.

This is a great support network.
I feel sort of guilty posting that only when I am in desperate need of encouragement.
Just got off the phone with GTown re: a problem I had last week and am thinking this is not the field I want to be in. I just don’t ever want to make anyone feel as small as they just made me feel.

Hang in there. I see this sometimes on the Hystersisters Web site, too. Patients with complicated problems and their problem doesn’t get communicated properly or the doctor doesn’t look at their file first or you happen to get caught by a pooty-head and made to feel stupid.
I suspect that someday, in medicine, we’ll inadvertently make people feel small. And sometimes we’ll do something wonderful to make up for it, for someone who’s been suffering and ignored and really needs attention and respect. And that’s my goal. You’ll be good at it, because you’ll remember. I think that’s the advantage of being an older pre-med.

I really hope you are right. And am sure you are. I hope I do remember this experience. It just feels so amazingly crappy right now.