OPM is now set up on PayPal

Subject: [OldPreMeds] ATTN: OPM: This could get interesting…


Hello…just got some interesting news today. It seems that our web site has grow far more quickly than either Lee Burnett, owner of SDN, or I ever anticipated. One of the understandings when SDN graciously agreed to host our site for free, was that if our site’s traffic began to detract from SDN’s ability to meet thier client’s needs, they are a for-profit site, then we would move all or part of OPM’s site to another place. Well, we have already gotten to that point! So, if all works well, there will be no, or minimal, interruption in the function of the web site. But, we have to move fairly quickly…

Regarding this problem, I just spoke to Cheryl, our web master. In the next few days, read that as: ASAP, we are gonna bite the bullet and move the web site to a professional web hosting company. I don’t know if you folks realize, but Cheryl has built our web site and web mastered for us on a strictly volunteer basis – and all of this w/ a new baby, running her web design company & a med student husband. She is willing to continue to serve OPM in this capacity, but I feel it is completely unfair to expect her to move this site over & over again…and, it is a disservice to OPM to be solely dependent upon the charity of SDN, or anyone else. I had made Lee Burnett promise that if OPM ever began to detract from SDN’s ability to meet his clientele’s needs that he would let me know and we’d move on. We both figured that that was off on the distant horizon…we were both wrong.

So, Cheryl will be moving the web site to, most likely, the Verio web host company – same people we have our unused domain names registered (oldpremeds.net & .com). This will cost us a &#3650 s/u fee + &#3650 ~ &#3675 per month. And, until we can get some advertising sold &/or the Amazon bookstore is up, running & generating revenue – that cash will be coming from the goodness & charity of our membership & OMD’s pocket. I plan to approach a couple of the vendors that I have recently spoken with who mentioned that they were interested in helping us with projects…but no hard cash has arrived in the mailbox thus far. I can promise that this service exchange will be accomplished w/o relinquishing any authority, leadership or direction to the vendors – my plan is to either cover the costs both through “charitable donations”, from the vendors & hopefully OPM members, & in exchange for advertising space.

The bright side of the tale. OPM will finally be located in a place where the only constriction to further growth will be cash-flow. Plus, I am beginning to feel like we are taking advantage of Cheryl in expecting her to continually move our site around. Having OPM’s home in an easily upscalable place will make her job much easier and facilitate the continued growth of OPM w/o interruption.

The eventual plan is for the web site to generate sufficient revenue such that the costs of the site, and hopefully enough surplus to build OPM’s coffers. That will take time. Until OPM reaches that point, any contribution that any member can make will be deeply appreciated.

If any of you wish to make charitable contributions to OPM…please mail them to the address below. As OPM is a Federally registered, tax-exempt, non-profit corporation – your contributions are Federally tax deductable. Please make your remittance payable to either “OldPreMed, Inc.” or “National Society for Non-Traditional Pre-Medical & Medical Students, Inc.”

The address is:

OldPreMeds, Inc.

PMB #363

5065 State Street

Saginaw, MI 48603



Nothing Risked; Nothing Gained!

It is better to be thought a fool; than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!
– Samuel Clemens

Since OPM subsists entirely upon donations & volunteerism and we will now have to move our web site to a professional web host, OPM needs for its members to contribute to our cause. If you feel that OPM has benefitted you and you wish for it to continue to evolve & grow as an org, please send a small token of your appreciation. To date, I have funded the majority of OPM’s activites…it has simply frown too large for me to support solo any longer.

OldPreMeds, Inc. is now set up to take PayPal

you may make Federally tax-deductable donations or able to purchase items from OPM
(once the web site is more complete, OPM will begin offering a selection of OPM paraphenalia for members to purchase)

#1 - mail a check made payable to OldPreMeds, Inc. ---- please be certain to include a return address so that I can reply with your receipt for your Fed tax purposes.

Address: OldPreMeds, Inc.
PMB #363
5065 State Street
Saginaw, MI 48603

#2 - via PayPal [mailing a check is the preferred method as PayPal exacts a %-fee for these transactions] if you prefer to use a credit card.

Account name: OldPreMeds, Inc.
Reference e-mail: OldManDave2003@hotmail.com

As I have never used PayPal, if you need additional information to make this transaction, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for all of the support OPM will receive. It means a lot to all of us to keep this thing a going!

OPM & I deeply appreciate your assistance.