OPM - regional chapters?

In my journey the last few months, I’m taking classes at Oklahoma State Univ as well as a local Community College. I’ve come across MANY pre-med hopefuls who really wonder if they can do the pre-med process as non-traditional students. I have directed them to this site as well as SDN but I often wonder, with AMSA and other student organizations, how much is directed to non-traditional students? I don’t have the time to attend all these meetings commuting to and from school but I have thought of possibly putting together maybe quarterly regional meetings where there would be a speaker or multiple speakers for a few hours. This would get the word out about non-traditional students. As well as maybe our local schools could provide us the “setting” which would be low cost to the students and to the organizers.
So my question is, what do you think? Having an online support group is AWESOME but also having regular meetings would be great as well. Are any of you involved in AMSA, etc or other non-traditional organizations?
On a side note: I’m excited that in 2007, the Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education is actually holding their annual conference at OSU next spring!

We have given the regional chapter thing a go once before, but with minimal to zero success. I attribute our failure to novice, lacking plan of implementation & limited resources (more true at that time). However, even at the time we chose to let the project terminate, we remained committed to re-attempt such a venture in “the future”. Perhaps, that time is now or at least approaching?
I would sincerely love to hear more thoughts & suggestions from the membership at large on this topic. We are all ears!

One other thing, would you happen to have a link or contact info to the nontrad organization you mentioned? I would be greatly interested in contacting the leadership of this group.

Dave, here’s the link.

Although Linda already gave you the link, she beat me too it. My campus is apparently very active with this non-traditional organization (wish I had known about it sooner). I am in touch with the director. She said she would help me get in touch with the pre-meds in their organization and I’m going to see what the response is in the Oklahoma (at least north eastern) area. I’m also going to talk to the AMSA organization president as we have an active chapter at this school too. I was going to try to start something in this area because of the two medical schools and some other professional schools are very close here in OK.