I am pleased to announce the appointment of regional directors for OPM! While I have yet to appoint directors for all areas, these people have graciously accepted the appointment through next May. Please contact your nearest director and get involved in y our area!
Ft. Worth, Texas - Kim Higgins
Texarkana, Arkansas - Ash Bowen
Seattle, Washington - Jeff Peterson
Ohio - Kimberly Adams
**Even if you aren't in the same city or state, if one of these directors is fairly close, get in contact with them!!
This is your chance to make contact with other OPM members on a more regular basis than our annual national conventions and workshops!

Our hope it that this will eventually evolve into local chapters at both schools and simply regions. Since OPM is a far-flung electronic community, we have learned through our conventions that there is no replacement for actual face-time.
So, to offer our members the most bang from OPM, we're beginning the process of localizing our national structure. In the immediate future, you will notice the Kaplan Test Prep becoming involved with this process. OPM has entered into a mutual promotion agreement with Kaplan in that they will assist us in gaining higher visability by including OPM promotional info in their test recruitment packets and provide us with member discounts & other fundraising opportunities: affiliates program (OPM members get a discount on kaplan products if they follow Kaplan's link from our web site and OPM gets a kick-back from the purchase) & mock-MCATs (Kaplan & OPM will jointly host mock-MCATs at colleges & universities where OPM promotional materials & a speaker will be available and OPM can charge an admissions fee).
This is an excellent opportunity for both our members to get involved & influence the evolution of our organization and for OPM to gain prominence. If you want to get involved (looks pretty damned good on a CV too), please contact one of the new Regional Directors (send'em a PM from the Board or we can provide their e-mails, Kathy).
If you think that your school might be a good place for OPM & Kaplan to host a mock-MCAT, drop us an e-mail!

Moving this somewhere it'll be more visible.
kathy, could you provide the Regional Directors contact information so that folks who wish to become more involved can contact them?