OPM Stuff

Just wanted to let everyone know that I took the plunge & test ordered some OPM paraphrenalia from the OPM / CafePress store. I ordered a hat & coffe mug, both of which arrived 3 days ago. Both of them appear to be of high-quality & they did a very nice job of printing our logo onto the items. The mug is white with the logo & I chose a khaki hat w/ navy bill. I would say that both are well-worth the money spent. Plus, as I have learned, folks want to know who OldPreMeds is…sort of makes me a human billboard, huh?
So, if ya’ want some OPM stuff and wish to monetarily support OPM, follow any of the links to the OPM / CafePress store and order something…or several somethings! We’d certainly appreciate it and I think you’d enjoy the stuff as well.


Yep, my comfortable, cotton, longsleeved OPM t-shirt looks great with scrub bottoms and generates lots of curiosity during surgery rounds.

How about scrub tops with the OPM logo? Or OPM logo iron-ons or patches?

I think Cheryl is working on that…Great idea though!