OPM, the Convention and the Future

Hello Everyone:
I just wanted to drop a note and mention a few things regarding OPM, this years convention, and the future direction that is starting to be mapped out for OPM!
First, I want to say how excited I am to serve each and every one of you as the Chair of Fundraising and Public Relations. It is indeed an honor to serve such a fine group of people.
Second . . . Convention 2002 . . . Was exciting and moving. I am thankful to have meet such wonderful people that compose the membership of this society! Not only was the convention informative for everyone, but also the new executive council has set into motion several ideas and plans, some of which I wish to share with the membership now, as I did this morning at the convention.
As you may notice from my other post the convention for 2003 has been set for the dates of May 29, 30, 31 and June 1 in the nation’s capitol of Washington, DC. This is going to be a massive event, with the hopes of having 100 to 150 registrations for the convention, containing varied topics, activities, and excellent events for the members. I personally feel that this convention will place OPM on the map as the leading non-traditional pre-medical and medical society in the United States.
Further, the location and dates for the 2004 convention has been selected and announced. The 2004 convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on the dates of June 3, 4, 5 and 6. This will be a convention to “blow away” all conventions, and will make OPM known to pre-medical advisers and medical admissions throughout the United States, and will establish OPM as a leader and front runner in the development, networking, and national vehicle for non-traditional pre-medical and medical students.
Also in the future for the 2003 and 2004 convention, we are planning activities for spouses and significant others. Attending medical school is a team effort! It takes you the student and your spouce/SO and the entire family unit to work as a team to see that your dream is fulfilled! If you have a spouse or significant other, start having them participate on the web forums . . . The executive council is making ways for them to become a part of the society, or shall I say making a way for ALL OF US to become a large extended family!
On the forefront for the society in the next couple of months is the development and implementation of Regions. Following on campaign promises made by your new officers, we are in the process of selecting and developing regional directors throughout the United States to create regional groups of the society that plans outside events, activities, provides support, and a local network in the state or region in which you live, and in which spouses and significant others can participate! A way of meeting members off-line to motivate and assist each other in the same way as an extended family.
Also, as your Chair of Fundraising and Public Relations, I plan on attending different areas of the country (as time and school permit) in order to promote the society, meet our members, to discuss your problems and situations, and, to also meet with pre-medical advisors and introduce them to our society and the abilities of the non-traditional student.
I would like to also say, that the convention has moved me and has inspired me. It is amazing to see so many of us, from such varied backgrounds, pursuing the same dreams and goals. I already miss everyone and I am greatly looking forward to my year of promoting and developing OPM in to a large extended family of doctors and future doctors, not just an organization. This is going to be an exciting year with may changes a developments, some subtle and some greatly affecting OUR future. It is amazing that a group of six people who started out e-mailing each other has grown into such a wonderful and large group of “young people” dedicated to a dream which they once thought unreachable and crazy only to discover that their dream is there for the taking!
Anyway, I just wanted to share a little with everyone. More information is forth coming!

As Patrick mentioned, this is only the beginning of what will result in a surprising amount of growth & prominence for OPM. I truly believe that OPM is on the precipice of becoming THE preimminent <sp?> National Non-Traditional Pre-Medical & Medical Society…
And, you can either sit idly by and hope that it will happen…OR…climb aboard and help make it so! OPM will never be more than the gestalt of its membership, but what capacity our membership has shown!
I found myself both awed and inspired by those who attended the conference. I know that the newly seated Exec Council will only improve upon OPM's leadership to date.
I am anxiously awaiting the future of OPM!

I just wanted to congratulate you on such a successful convention! I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and was really excited about my presentation. You guys have done such wonderful work: pat yourselves on the back! I think that you’re a great group of people, and judging by the ones I’ve met so far, OPM is on the brink of great things. I’ve never met a nicer group of people; a good time was had by all! (especially me&#33;)
Thanks for letting NOWLoans be a part of your convention; we look forward to a bright future with OPM!
Thanks again and good luck!

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an unchartered land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit. -Helen Keller

I want to personally thank you for giving an entertaining, informative & fun presentation! #### of a style ya’ got there!!
As we have already discussed, OldPreMeds is VERY interested in negotiating advertising for NOWLoan$ on our web site and a partnership along the same lines as you guys have with SOMA [members take loans with NOWLoan$ and the organization receives a commission]. Patrick Hays will be in contact with you…and you are always welcome to contact me, as well, to discuss the terms of this relationship.
You and Robin Darr are very welcome to jump in & field/offer insight into the multitude of financial questions we get in our forums. One thing I would LOVE to see you emphasize…I know that I was completely oblivious that you could specify your choice of lenders instead of just whomever the FA office uses. I wish I had know I could shop for better rates & benefits packages!!!
Thanks again for coming to Dallas!


First - To Carmen and all our guest speakers – a very heartfelt thank-you. Without your wonderful presentations, our convention would have been lacking the substantial backbone necessary for its success.
Second – to all those members who attended and participated in the convention, thank you for your support. It is the continued support and encouragement from the membership that will able our group to continue growing in strength and influence.
Third – if you haven’t yet read the posts concerning the plans for the future, be sure to go through the forums and participate in the excitement of the convention past, and the planning for the future conventions, next year in Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area and 2004 in Las Vegas!! :p