OPP final tomorrow

Wish me luck! This is the one course I feel pretty strong in. I absolutely love the osteopathic philosophy and osteopathic manipulative treatment, so I will hopefully do okay. This is a cumulative exam covering everything we have learned the last two years, so it’s really impossible to study much more at this point.
This exam will be 40% of our grade for the semester. The other 60% will be from our student clinic evaluations. In that forum, I did really well. We had 10 days of clinic (once a week for 10 weeks). Most people saw one patient a day. My partner and I saw two patients at least 4, and maybe 5, of those days. Then we were evaluated on diagnosis, treatment, physician-patient relationship, soap notes, etc. There were 70 points available for every patient. So, there were 700 points for most students; my partner and I had 980 possible. Considering we had 976 of that 980, I think I’m just fine in that category, 99.6%. And it was a lot of fun and great experience. Anyway, that means I can get as low as an 80 on the final written exam and still end up with a 91 overall. That would make me feel great (although I’m hoping for more!)
So, I think for now, I’ll go back and review a couple of weak points, and then try to have a relatively early evening. Shoot. I might even watch television for a little while (if I can find anything worth watching, that is!).
Then again, maybe I’ll hit the COMLEX review books.

From what I know and what I have observed, you are going to ACE this exam. Good luck!

Okay. I ended up with an 86.17 on the final. The thing that makes me the most upset is that 3 answers I had right on the exam itself, but transferred the answers wrong to the darn scantron. Makes me really mad at myself. With those answers, I would have broken 90 for the first time on an OPP exam. However, their exams are really tough, and this is my highest grade yet (by 1 point), so I think I’ll be satisfied. Should end up with about a 94 for the class, and that makes me really happy!
Now it’s on to reviewing for the boards on June 7 and 8. As soon as those two, long, eight-hours of test each day are over, I’ll go home and collapse for the evening. Then on the morning of June 9, Zane and I will be heading to the conference in DC. Can’t wait to get there!!