Opportunities for employer paid education

I am determined to get through my education and become a physician. A dream deferred from high school until the last 9 months or so (about to turn 35). I only have trade school education, working maintenance at a hospital, so I have to start basically from scratch.

I am considering ADN RN as I complete my undergrad, and I would like to list the considerations that brought me here:

  1. I make okay money, but not quite sufficient for education and family (wife is unemployed right now)
  2. My employer pays tuition reimbursement but standard classes are out of pocket first; RN classes are paid directly to the school
  3. Local community college has an ADN RN program that uses regular classes in conjunction with nursing classes
  4. Many of those credits (somewhere around 25) are transferable to a nearby 4 year.
  5. ADN RN at my hospital make a lot more than I can doing maintenance.

The usual downside, non-transferable credits and detouring goals, do not really apply here as far as I can tell. Any feedback, positive or negative? I have already stalled my goals and don’t want to do it anymore.