Options For An Enthusiastic But Subpar Applicant

As is the story of many of us non-traditionals, I was a dingus for several years when I first started my undergraduate career. I would say that I chalk it up to being undecided, however, I was completely sold on medicine from the get-go. My reason for performing so poorly is more embarrassing than being lost. I was working as a scribe about midway through my junior year at university and became so enthralled by the environment and “playing doctor” since I got to wear scrubs, stay up late, interact with nurses, and see patients, that I neglected my studies and practically lived in the ER. I eventually left my university to reevaluate myself and provide financially for my wife who was going through nursing school.

Now as I come to the end of my degree (3 credit hours left to graduate) I look back on my academic record and want to vomit. I have a sGPA of 2.53 and a cGPA of 2.49 with a total of 165 credit hours. My MCAT score was a 504 (125/128/126/125). After my break, I returned to school and achieved my first ever 4.0 semester with higher-level science courses and overall achieved a sGPA of 3.2 and a cGPA of 3.3.

I’ve scribed for a combined 8 years and have over 6,000 hours of clinical experience from working both part and full-time scribing in the ER and in a surgical office. I have also been conducting clinical research with a trauma surgeon for over a year.

With the background out of the way, what are my options as a subpar candidate? Although I feel my experience lends to me being a strong candidate in that I’m very familiar with the idea of medicine and am somewhat educated regarding the lifestyle and responsibilities, I am not insensitive to my horrendous grades and barely average MCAT score. I am applying to mostly DO schools as I appreciate the philosophy (truly, though I’m also not insensitive to the lower matriculant metrics) and my one state school (MD program). Will an SMP or postbacc really help that much given that my undergraduate career is so dense in poorly-performed credit hours? Should I contact schools even though I’ve already applied and ask them for advice? What advice would anyone be willing to share that may help advance my application forward?

I’ve already received several rejections, and though I am not surprised, I am somewhat dejected still. They’ll have to kill me to stop me from applying, and I really am willing to do anything possible to get into a program. This is the only thing I can do with my life. Truly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any help is genuinely appreciated.

Start reaching out personally to med school admissions people. Think about it this way, u want to be an anomaly candidate act like an anomaly candidate. Post up, get face time do whatever it takes

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I genuinely appreciate your feedback. I was afraid of contacting admissions because I didn’t want to appear desperate or have it affect me negatively, but at this point I’m not sure what I have to lose. I’ll contact admissions offices today and make my case. Hopefully someone is at least receptive to this communication. Thanks for giving me the confidence to put myself on the table.

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Yes similar story my transcript make me sick as well. Did you contact any admission people and how did that go? After I finish my diy post bac courses I will be contacting different SMP admissions to let them get a feel for me since gpa only give an idea how I was 5 years ago.