Organic 2

Hello dear ones,

I am sooooo upset. I studied so hard for my first Orgo 2 quiz and I failed (it was multiple choice, which I hate). Honestly, I do not know how to study for Organic Chemistry. I feel I spent days studying for nothing whereas some friends who didn’t know anything got A’s guessing the answers. I am sorry if I am overreacting. =(

Does anyone know a good website/ books to help me?

Thank you!!!


Could it have just been a matter of test anxiety? That did me in for my first few gen chem quizzes. It’s hard when you study your brains out and still clam up for the test, but I’m betting it was just that, especially if you feel like you understood the material. Talk to your professor. Let him/her know your concerns. I bet they can point you to some on campus tutoring as well.

Thank you, Susan. I will talk to my professor.

Hi there:

I’m taking Org2 now. After going through Org1 and remembering 25 years ago when I had org chem, I can say the trick is to repetition - i.e., write out the reactions over and over again and then apply what you’ve memorized from the reactions in problems. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an A+ in org chem, but I think I have it now…