Organic Chem on MCAT?

My primary target school is the University of Minnesota and I realized recently that they only require 1 semester of general Bio, 1 semester of general Chem, and then 4 semesters of other sciences (2 which need to be upper level).

I assume Organic chem is on the MCAT, yes?

However…they don’t require Organic anymore (which I know they did once upon a time). I guess the easy answer is I should take Organic as one of my upper level sciences, but I’m just sort of curious why a reputable school wouldn’t require a class which is tested on the MCAT.


You may have missed Dazed’s post of a few days ago (which I think will answer your question):…

FWIW, most of the organic tested on the MCAT is usually covered in the first semester of organic chemistry. I’ve known several people to take the MCAT without the second semester of ochem who did just fine. I took the MCAT without the last quarter of physics.

  • Dullhead Said:
You may have missed Dazed's post of a few days ago (which I think will answer your question):

Ditto. Thanks Dullhead.