Organic Chem

Organic Chemistry should definitely come with a warning label: warning, this class may cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and countless sleepless nights. I can’t believe how hard I study and then I go to the exam and my mind goes blank! Ugh…just thought I’d vent!

I know what you mean, I have been averaging an A on my tests so far this semester, and then I got my last one and some how managed to fail. Luckily we get to drop one, so I have been studying for hours for the next test in two weeks and then our final is the same week! How are you supposed to study all the new material and then manage to review everything else in 3 days?!

Well, I just got the last exam back which I thought I did miserably on and to my surprise I got one point short of an A. The professor does everything on a point system so it really doesn’t matter what letter grade you make on the tests. Now I just have to focus on the upcoming final–next week! Good luck & keep on trucking! We’ll reach the top of this mountain soon!

Organic chem has definitely proved to be the bane of my existance. When I actually do understand what I’m doing, I find that I enjoy the material. I try not to hate it because it is actually interesting…

Boy does that mountain seem so far away Tiff…

I have always wondered how to measure premed success, which in turns how do you define a premed? Is it when a 17 y/o freshman announces on their first day in class that they are a premed? is it when they complete general chem?

Personally I would like to do a survey of students starting Organic Chem and ask who is a premed, then repeat after the course. My litmus test on who is a “serious” premed, is those who make it thru Organic and still want to go on.

Good luck, vent here, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

My success tip for Organic, besides doing every problem, is to get “Pushing Electrons” or “Electron Movement” by Daniel Weeks. It used to be a cheap workbook but I guess it out of print as amazon has it new for $63 (Yikes!) but many cheaper used. I would get the ISBN and search it in google. I am sure lots of used ones will flood the market as the term ends

There are many undergrad institutions which may use OChem as a weeder course for premeds.



thanks! yes, I definitely agree with you regarding organic chem. I’ve heard several stories regarding people who were pre-med but when they started o.chem they had to change. I’m glad God helped me persevere–and gave me the grace to make it through!