Organic Chem

Hi guys,
How much of the chem I and II do I need to know for orgo? It's been a couple of years since my chem I and II classes and I thought of going through my chem textbook this summer to gear up for Organic chem (which I'm taking this Fall). Just not sure if I need to go through the entire textbook. I appreciate your help!

Ochem sort of stands on its own - though it assumes that you can read chemical structures, formulas, etc. You certainly don't need to much of gchem at your fingertips - (for instance, there are virtually no calculations in Ochem)
if you want to review anything Gchem related - I'd suggest you peruse the Gchem section of any MCAT prep book (even at the library or bookstore) to refresh your mind on the big picture concepts (acids, bases, Lewis structures - tracking those electrons is important) rather than a text book - but in reality I don't think you'll need to review very much.

When I took organic, I hadn't had general chemistry for 11 years. It wasn't a problem. I did have to do some review on atomic structure (Bohr's model) and acid-base chemistry.

Thanks a lot. I'm taking Orgo as well next year. It has been 20 years since I took General Chem I and II.

thx a lot for the input. I'll definitely review those stuff that you guys recommend.

I'll be taking Orgo this Fall. Could any of you recommend some helpful things to buy? I've heard models, books, etc. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.


Hey Geoff,
I Just finished my two semesters of Orgo and I found that all I really needed was a good set of models and the text book. At UMD we used Proteus models but anything that will show the spacial relationships for stereochemistry questions should work fine, especially for Orgo I.
I saw that Kaplan makes an Orgo reaction sheet for all the reactions you have to memorize and thought that would help, but for me, writing them all out and making my own reaction sheet was the best practice. Good Luck.