Organic Chemistry Resource--Amazing Tool!!

Hi, guys! I’m not going to start another post about the horrors of Organic, so don’t worry. LOL

I just know that all of us pre-meds have to take Organic, so if you haven’t been through it yet? I thought I’d pass along a VERY cool resource I just found. I feel like I hit the jackpot. es/tool…

Do yourself a favor, and REALLY look at some of these links. There are even some cool interactive sites where you can pick your reactants, your solvents, etc. and then have it draw out your product… REALLY helpful in the back half of Orgo I.


You couldn’t have found this last spring? J/K

Yeah, sorry about that… I was slacking!

Thanks a bunch, this is just the foundation I needed to get going on developing Orgo lessons for tutoring!

Thanks for sharing!!! Added to my favorites for next year when I’m in Orgo.