Organic Chemistry


I’m a non-trad, (accepted!) future class of 2017 student that has been on oldpremeds for awhile now. You may remember me from my “oh no! I got a B- in Harvard O chem” thread. Since then I decided to make Organic Chemistry easier for students during my gap year and I put a lot of work in to make an iPad app to help students organize the information required for organic chemistry. I’m looking for 30 beta testers to give a free copy of my organic chemistry iPad app too. Please either PM me or post in this thread and I will give you a code that you can use immediately at the app store (go to featured => redeem) to download this application. The app contains over 100 reactions and mechanisms and is meant to be a comprehensive tool to use during a yearlong organic chemistry course. I would like to share it with oldpremeds for free in return for some feedback.

Below are some links to screenshots.

Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Mechanisms


Alkene Reaction Example

I hope you find it to be helpful.

As I’m currently enrolled in Organic and have an iPad, I’m in.


I’m in as well. Taking Ochem right now. Let me know how I can help. Congratulations on your acceptance!


I’ve taken organic I, then took 5 years off and now am reviewing before I go back to school in May. I’d love to have a look at it!

sent, sent

Not sure if I will be useful to you as a beta tester but I am going to be taking O-Chem over the summer and would like to try the app.

oops I dont have an ipad so scratch that

Would love to try the app!

I’m in my second semester of orgo right now and that looks extremely helpful. I’d love to try it if you haven’t gotten your fifty yet. Anyway, congrats on your acceptance!

Congrats!! I would love to try it as well.

Would love to check it out. I’m in ochem 2 right now w/ lab and preparing for an April MCAT. I like organic and did very well first semester but I am always interested in extra tools! However, no iPad here. I do have a Kindle Fire and I understand some apps can be used on a computer, too. If Kindle/computer can be used, I would love to check it out and happy to offer feedback!

Best of luck no matter what and congrats on acceptance!

Just getting ready to ramp up on O - Chem refresher. I would really like to beta the app if you have any left. Thanks a bunch.

I take the MCAT in April. I am interested in providing some feedback.

I am taking the MCAT in May!!

I will be happy to help

Hi Everyone,

I just finished a free version of the app available for everyone starting today. An iPhone version should be out in the near future. try-…

I would be very interested to know what you all think!

I would love to try it!

Are you still running this?

Sure, it feels good to give stuff away. Sending you a promo code now.

a free iPhone app will be out this week. It is called “Organic Chemistry!”.

I’ll be starting OChem in the fall after a summer intensive chemistry stretch. I’d love to try the app.

promo code sent. Free “organic chemistry!” app is also out (the name is “Organic Chemistry!”). I’ll keep giving away the full version ("organic chemistry! complete) for free here for awhile more though 'cause I like you guys just post here or PM me. I check this way too much…glide years take FOREVER.