Orgo-2 Lab mandatory?

Dear OPM’s:
Does anyone know if the second semester of orgo lab is required or not? A fellow student who is applying to med school next year told me that it is not (i.e. that requirements stating “1 year of orgo with lab” can be fulfilled by the one lab alone). Is this a bunch of hooey? I’d sure like to save myself the additional torture (4 hours/week in lab plus 12 lab reports for 1 credit hour… yikes)! Besides, my school (UIC) does not offer Orgo 2 lab again until the Spring, and I intend to be studying my a** off for the MCAT at that time. Any feedback would be appreciated. FYI, I’m in the Chicago area, so anybody who knows of a alternate stand alone lab course for Orgo 2 in the city (e.g. community colleges) please let me know!
RMG, Dr. 2B

Unless rules have changed, one year of orgo with lab means just that. One semester, organic 1 with lab, and a second semester, organic 2 with lab. I don’t see how anyone can figure one semester of lab will fulfill a full year’s requirements.
As to possible organic 2 labs available in the Chicago area, I don’t know the answer. Perhaps some of the people in that area could respond.

I agree with Linda–both semesters of O-chem need to include a lab. As far as Chicago goes, you may be able to take the lab only at Roosevelt University. I know they have an O-chem II lab in the fall at the downtown campus. It’s a little lighter load–maybe 7 or 8 labs, and the lab assistant is outstanding and will do a lot to make sure you understand and do well provided you ask questions and you’re willing to go to outside sources to find answers (several pre-lab questions require you to search out information from other sources.)
Good luck with it! If you need to know more about Roosevelt let me know.

Thank you Larry and Linda for your prompt and informative replies! I will certainly look into Roosevelt U for the Fall. It sounds like a good option.
Best wishes,
RMG, Dr. 2B

At Northern Illinois University, the pre-med curriculum has Gen. Orgo I without a lab and Gen Orgo II with a lab. I’m going to also take biochemistry with a lab just in case I need that extra lab.

This sort of question brings out the point that you need to research specific requirements of medical schools. I know that if you’re early in the process, it seems sort of backwards to have to try and think of a list of schools to which you’re likely to apply, but do it anyway. EVERYONE should have his or her state school(s) on the list, and schools that are local to you. Add schools you’ve always thought sounded interesting, or those in places you’ve always thought would be cool to live.
The point is it doesn’t need to be your final list, or even a very realistic list, but you MUST know what each school needs while you’re doing your prereqs in order to avoid getting caught short during the application process. The example of Northern Illinois offering one semester of o-chem lab is a good point - maybe this will be OK for some med schools but not others. That’s something you’ll have to find out.
NEVER ASSUME that because a school does things a certain way “it must be okay.” ALWAYS ASK and go to the source to determine answers, don’t rely on word of mouth or what someone did the year before you. You can’t be too well-prepared for this process!

My school does the O-chem lab all second semester also, but it’s a 2-credit lab so I’m really fine. Basically they want you to have finished first semester so the lab is more meaningful, so they crowd it all in at the end. It’s all in the details!

Every school can be different. My school operates on a quarter system rather than semester and my O-Chem labs are winter and spring quarters with no lab fall quarter. As Mary mentioned previously, I would check with the med school admissions office at the school/s you are interested in for specific information.