Orgo, Human Anatomy and Pre-Calc.

Hello, after very tiring Summer Sessions, for Fall I have enrolled in Orgo, Precalculus 2 and Human Anatomy.

Do you think it is too much? After I got my first B on CHE 2, I am super concerned. I also have two kids and work full time. I wanted to finish these Pre Med years as soon as possible because I’m 34 but now I am reconsidering staying a little bit longer not to hurt my GPA. How bad would that B affect me?

Is your goal to get into medical school or to get into medical school quickly? You may be falling into a mindset trap that many OPM members have that I call “premature application.” You should never risk bad grades by taking too much too quickly. Taking an extra term or two won’t get you rejected. Bad grades will.

Specifically, 60 hours or work, family and 12 credits, including Orgo, is to say the least a very heavy load. I would even be more concerned in the spring if you take a similar course load with Orgo II, a very difficult course for many.

While you haven’t indicated if you also plan to take the spring MCAT, take note that many schools consider the MCAT score as much as the GPA. The MCAT is about the equivalent to a full term of work and should be approached as such.

Your age and the mindset that it brings should be put aside and consideration of how to organize to be the the strongest applicant possible

Thank you very much for your response, I will drop one of these classes.