Orgo Lab Timing question

Had a question on timing of Orgo labs. I am taking Orgo 1 lecture now without the lab and will take the Orgo 2 lecture next semester. I will also be taking the MCAT next semester (April 2006). Can I finish off the orgo 1 lab in the summer and Orgo 2 lab in the fall of 2006? I am just wondering what classes you needed done before applying to med school.
Bio 1/2 w/Labs
Gen Chem 1/2 w/Labs
Physics 1/2 w/Labs

You can apply to medical school without having all the pre-reqs completed. The AMCAS gives you the option to list that you are currently enrolled or will be enrolling in the courses over the course of the application process. Since you will have most of the pre-reqs completed prior to submitting the application, you should be fine. Also - check the websites of the schools you are applying to and make sure they don’t have any additional pre-reqs. A few schools have math requirements (through calculus) and quite a few are starting to require or “highly recommend” Biochemistry.

Would Baby Bio count towards that or does it have to be a full blown, upper level hard core biochem class?

I took an intro to Biochem course. I think an intro course would suffice for most schools.