Osteopathic Med Schools

Hi Guys, I was just wondering something. I live in Maryland and we don't have a DO school here. I thought I read somewhere a while back that if your state doesn't have a DO school, you can pick a state that has one and apply as if an in-stater. It was either that, or the state you live in might have an agreement with another state that has a DO school–and so you can apply as an in-stater there. Does anyone know anything about this??
Thanks, Anna

Well, there’s only 19 DO schools in the US so it wouldn’t take that long to check out each one’s website and see what their residency requirements are. Be forewarned that several - most? - of them are actually private schools and their “loyalty” to the state in which they are located may not be the same concept we’re used to with public universities. The one example I can give is EVVCOM, the new school starting this year in Virginia - despite its affiliation with Virginia Tech, which definitely is a state school, EVVCOM is private. (Go Hokies! I loved the in-state tuition I paid for my son’s first two years there. Now it’s the Navy that’s getting the good deal.)