Osteopathic Medicine and my plans

Hi everyone,

I am very interested in osteopathic medicine and have an interest in the sports medicine specialty. I am going to apply to D.O. schools this upcoming cycle and wanted to read everyone’s opinions and suggestions on where I am at academically as well as extracurricularly and my chances of acceptance into a program.


My undergraduate GPA taken at University: 3.13 (overall)

My post-bacc GPA taken informally (15 units or 1 semester): 3.88

Combined overall undergrad + post-bacc: 3.07 (BCPM, sciences), 3.41 (other courses), and 3.20 (overall)

I took the MCAT last year before they changed and got a score of 28 (11 verbal, 7 physical sciences, 10 biological sciences)

I thought verbal would be the hardest but apparently physical sciences was for me. It’s weird because I felt OK after that section, perhaps it was because I took that section first and got my jitters out.


I have interned at hospitals in cardiology (3 months), emergency radiology (3 months), I have been on a global brigade in Honduras, I have volunteered at a student-run clinic for the underserved (summer 3 months), I have been a publicity chair for a homeless awareness club during my undergrad (15 months), I have been a math intern/teacher’s aid at a middle school (non-medical, 4 months), I have volunteered at my local clinic for underserved (2 years), I have done data-analysis research (5 months), and I have worked as a pharmacy technician (1 year) & personal trainer (9 months).


I am looking for work as a medical scribe as well as other volunteer opportunities.I am finding it hard to find a DO who is willing to let me shadow them but I am still searching. I found a physician that doesn’t utilize Osteopathic Manipulative Methods (OMM) in his practice and doesn’t believe shadowing will do much for me but is willing to write me a letter of recommendation if I help out with clerical projects at the office. I’m not sure if this will be particularly helpful in terms of shadowing OMM techniques, but perhaps.

I’ll end here. Any thoughts or suggestions or similar life experiences? All is appreciated (especially honest realistic criticism) thank you.

Welcome to OPM Jeff,

2 quick thoughts come to mind

  1. some schools still require a DO shadow letter when applying, though regular MD shadowing will help as well. You can try state or local osteopathic society with a general letter. Additionally a well written blind letter sent via fax to DO offices may help. Get the numbers by first finding DOs in your area (google) and then googling each which will lead to a healthgrades or other review and office contact number
  2. that 7 in physical science is borderline to say the least. you may want to reconsider another long intensive prep and a retake. However, that is unlikely for this this cycle as seats and time are limited. I would consider doing this it during this glide year starting in the fall