Other classes to take?

Lots of trouble getting the classes I need this semester. Starting in school, I was at the bottom of the registration priority, and to make matters worse, the school schedules several of the science classes in the exact same day/time slots…

I know there must be some other helpful classes to take that I could fill with. What do you think would be the most beneficial? Biochem? Molecular biology? Or would I be better off retaking a science or math class I took a long time ago and try to improve the grade?

The below classes (among others) are the toughest from what I understand in Medical School. If you have an opportunity to take them I would.

Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and if they offer … histology/embryology/neur o take them too.


Read this diary (See link above). It is about a guy named Terry who failed out of medical school. He said he had wished that he had taken more classes prior to medical school. It is a real wake-up call on how hard it will be in there.

Excerpts from his diary

… So, the outcome is that I failed histology/embryology and passed everything else. So, the good news is that I’m done forever with gross anatomy and biochemistry. The bad news is that because I failed two quarters of histo, they will not let me remediate them during the summer and I will have to take an extra year of medical school to complete them.


It’s a dark time for me right now. Depending on the results of my final anatomy exam, which I hope to know in a few hours, I may not be able to continue with this program, at least not without taking yet another year to complete year one.

I don’t like quitting, especially after investing so much of my life in this project, dragging my family across the country, and spending down my life savings… but at a certain point I ask myself if this is not “a bridge too far” and whether my time is better spent in other pursuits. I don’t want to turn away from the path of becoming a healer, but I think part of me just doesn’t get the medical education route.

The exhaustion I am feeling is almost overwhelming. I am having to force myself to continue studying. Every core exam leaves me exhausted, having pulled out every stop and studied deep into the nights, and the results are almost always a borderline pass, never enough to give me a comfortable buffer for the next exam. This white knuckle roller coaster ride is just wearing me down.

and finally …

It looks like the game’s over. I have 3 failures this quarter and this pretty much guarantees dismissal. If I had slowed down and not taken neuro this quarter, likely I would not have failed the two other courses.


I got a spot in with my adviser tomorrow, so will talk about this some with her as well. I’d really like to get Anatomy this semester, but they only have 16-seats for the class! It’s been full since the first day of registration. You’d think the university would see an opportunity here and open another class or something…

At my college you can send an email to the professor and ask if you can join his class. If he says yes, you are in. Just tell him how awesome you heard his classes are :))

P.S. RATEMYPROFESSOR.COM can make or break you. I am going to create a seperate post just for it.

To answer your original question:



Molecular Biology


Awesome … Thanks Doc!