Our First House Together!

I know haven’t been posting too much these days, but things have been so crazy!

It looks like I finally got most of my paperwork for VCU done! Whatever hasn’t been finished, will be taken care of once the orientation starts.

We made a decision that we’re going to move down to Fredricksburg - which is exactly 50 miles away from Richmond (where I’ll be comuting everyday to school), and 50 miles from Chantilly (where Mike will be commuting to work). We decided to buy a house down there, since it’s so much cheeper than in DC area, and we could finally afford one. We found a house last weekend, but when we finally made an offer on it, it turned out that someone has bought it the day before. So yesterday, we came back to our real estate guy, and looked at few more houses, that we already knew from the internet inside-out, and we found the one! We made an offer, and we signed the contract. If all goes well we’ll close on the 26th, go for our vacation on 27th (we planned it before we knew I was going to get into VCU), and after we come back home on August 3rd, we’ll have enough time to move down there, so we are at least partially settled for August 13th, when the orientation starts.

I’m so excited!


I’m excited for you!!! Congratulations!!!


Congratulations! This is such an exciting time!

Congrats on the new home, MadKasia!

It appears you and I are tracking along parallel paths. I just bought my first home on May 1st; we did a lot of renovation work, but fortunately most of it is behind us at this point.

Distance-wise, however, our home is 100 miles or so away from School - so a daily commute is out of the question. I’ve already arranged for a studio in a ‘private med student residential complex’ right across the street from school. I’m looking forward to living there, with other students in the same building.

Good luck in your preparations, I sure have a gazillion things to do on my end!


congratulations on your new home! I know the feeling, having just purchased our new (and first) home. I am fortunate that our house is 5 minutes from the school. I hope your 50 mile commute will not wear you down. 100 miles a day is a lot of driving. Maybe you won’t have to go to class every day? Best of luck,