out of place

I have to rant. Last night I attended a organization meeting - its a pre-professional society for undergrads. I actually felt out of place. I went up to the president afterwards to ask a couple of questions. I started asking about a list of available summer programs with deadlines for the members. The majority are freshmen and sophomores. He looked at me like he didnt care. I have found several that students I know have attended. Yet the meeting was to make the members aware and listen to summer experiences that other returning members had. Then I asked him if any of them go to student doctor network and he told me - no. I mentioned that although it gets silly sometimes, it has rewarding information about the application process, interviewing, etc. He was really sarcastic with his response 'well just email me that information and i will pass it out at the next meeting'.
I just dont understand people these days. I wasnt pushy or anything. I just wanted to help.

I would chalk it up to the new “adults” not wanting to listen to someone older.
take it with a grain of salt. I am sure he will come around sooner or later.

some people feel threatened when others obviously surpass their knowledge/experience. wink.gif

I agree with the above replies. I also feel like some folks will simply join an organization so that they can list on their applications, personal statements, CV's etc. and don't necessarily join to become involved.