Over another hurdle

OK. So Friday morning I went to the support services office at my University and applied for disability accomodations for my dyscalculia. They accepted my documentation and accepted me for services. I now will get DOUBLE time for tests in a separate location. They also were finally able to hook me up for advisement. I have really struggled with that since I am a non-matriculated non-trad. No one wanted to accept me for advisement and they kept shuffling me around from office to office that said I did not qualify. I sat with an advisor on Friday morning and was able to plot a path for completing my Physics requirements with an eye towards the teachers and courses that would serve me best. I now am thinking that an extra year with Biochem and genetics will really help my app and my ability to tackle the bio on the MCAT. I am now getting help all over, as my tuition waiver is technically for 3 credits, but they fully allowed it to count for and pay for my 4 credit Physics course!!! The student support services lady also told me about two scholarships I qualify for as a returning middle aged woman! And my SO is buying me my Macbook this fall. I love it when a plan comes together!! Now I just gotta buy my Physics book. First day of class…August 27th. I just find it so funny that I thought my disability would be viewed as a liability, but it sure has become an asset!!!

Glad that everything is coming together for you, best of luck this Fall!