Overwhelmed! Worried about financing

I have decided to apply for the post bacc premed program at the University of Rochester. I am worried about paying for the difference of financial aid and cost of living expenses.

There is no doubt I have to take out a private or independent loan but my credit is not the greatest and it is not really bad either. I do not know which loan company would be willing to work with me. I am so frustrated!

Any suggestions??

Sign up for Simple Tuition or Fast Web. You will need a cosigner if your score is less than 780 or so. Given the current state of our economy, despite its laughable “recovery”, banks are unwilling to extend on anything less than perfect credit.

Off the top of my head there are a few who do private loans each with slight changes, most of them have more than one type of private loan package, and most offer subsequent cosigner release after a period of time:

Wells Fargo (personally, I hate WF)

Chase (they suck too)

Sallie Mae (awesome company, awesome leadership)

SunTrust (don’t know anything about them)

PNC Bank (don’t know anything about them either)

Good luck to you!

contact the FA office they will help you. You may also qualify for food stamps as a fulltime student. this is about 200 bucks a month. If you have kids more. If your married or have your own income you may not qualify for some of the better FA.