PA Vent Camp

Hi all:

I didn’t know where else to put this, but for those of you who would like a volunteer opportunity working with children, I’d like to suggest the PA Vent Camp for Children. The website will tell you more: I volunteered twice in the past ten years (they’ve been around for a long time). I’ve always been impressed with how they get the camp going from year to year. The camp is a real labor of love and the kids love it.

The last time I was there (about two years ago now), I went just for a day with my daughter. The kids got their chance to get outside and it was absolutely wonderful to me. Some of the children have motors attached to their wheel chairs, along with their ventilators, all hooked into car batteries. The voluteers help them into the pool, make sure they get their meds, etc. It’s quite an experience. We played basketball with a few of the kids and also did arts and crafts with them. I tagged along as a respiratory therapist with a group to provide support if needed (airway clearance, etc.). Check them out - it’s a worthy effort.