palm pilot vs pocket pc

I am considering buying a palm pilot (m515). Does anyone have one? Did you have any problems?
Anyone have a pocket pc?

Hey, I have a Palm M505 and love it, would only get rid of it for a newer one. I am a paramedic and RN and do critical care transports and use it all the time, Ive even had to get the car charger because I will run the batter down during the shift im working. They are great, most all of the programs I have are medical and few games. Many of our other people at work and a good many docs use the palm brand. The only problem I have with it, is that i wish it had more built in memory. Some of the medical programs such as Washington Manual and the clinical consults use alot of memory and as a result I have 2 32mb mem expan cards. But I do love my palm.
well Good luck, if you have any further questions email or ask. See ya

I have a Toshiba e740 Pocket PC and I can’t find any #%*!! person at Toshiba, MSN, or AOL to tell me if I can access the internet with it. I have a modem card for dial up, but cannot find software. AOL says its pocket PC software isn’t compatible with the Pocket PC 2002 (mine). Anybody out there who can give me any direction, PLEASE, email me directly!! unsure.gif