Part-time jobs

Can anyone suggest good part-time jobs to help make ends meet while completing my reqs? I do not have classes on Fridays, but I will be volunteering on Friday mornings, but that leaves my weekends completely free. I was thinking of trying a temping or a Starbucks type of job, but I have never had a part-time job so if anyone has any valuable suggestions please share! P.S. I live in New York City, if his makes any difference.

Have you looked into part-time jobs for the school you’re taking classes at? Working for a university or college usually works out pretty nicely since they are understanding of/used to students’ schedules and can often accommodate odd hours like, “I can work 10-12 on Monday, and 2-5 on Tuesday, and all afternoon Friday…”

During the spring semester I was getting a few hours in tutoring for a private company that did grade school tutoring. I happened to talk to my chem instructor about that, and he practically insisted that I quit that when the program I was on was over and tutor at the junior college I was taking courses at instead. That turned out to be ideal, as I’ve been able to schedule a couple hours before class, a couple after class, and basically just fit in hours when it works for me. I also get a free class there as a part-time employee, so I can take Spanish there and work my erratic schedule while taking the rest of my science courses at a 4-year school.

Back when I was an undergrad though, the most convenient part-time jobs I ever had were through the university. Whether it was office work for someone or working for the campus IT department, on-campus openings looking for students are usually great about scheduling.

The ideal pre-med job is a research job because it can often be part-time, it is great for your resume, and it helps your own development as a doctor and a healthcare professional. If you have lab skills, great–but it’s more possible to get entry level jobs in public health or epidemiology or clinical research, doing stuff like interviewing, recruiting patients, etc. I would start asking around at the universities but also start thinking about what you might be interested in–and therefore what you might be best at.

good luck!