Passed Step 1!!!

After holding my breath, I finally got my Step 1 score and was thrilled to see the word “Pass”! I had read somewhere that taking the USMLE was like being in excruciatingly long labor . . . in the end, it didn’t matter what the baby looked like, you were just glad it was over! That is exactly how I felt when I walked out of the test. However, I was afraid that my “baby” would have Down syndrome or something!!! Thankfully, the cytogenetic testing is back and everything is “normal”!

I am in Pediatrics clerkship right now and loving every minute of it! Last week I spent time in the pediatric endo clinic and this week I have been in the Monroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation. Next week, I will be doing outpatient peds, followed by newborn nursery, and end with 4 weeks of inpatient peds. Being in the clinics and on the wards makes all the hard work, sleepless nights, and sacrifices worth it! This is why I went to med school.

For those of you just beginning the journey and those of you slogging through the trenches, keep on going–one step at a time. You will make it through, too!

Lu, it sounds wonderful! I agree, nothing beats the feeling of being done with Step 1.

Great news Lu!!! Keep up the good work.

I am so happy for you, Lu!! Doesn’t it feel oh so good to have step one over and done with!!

Congratulations, Lu! Hooray for all you successful people! I will say it again - Step One is the most onerous of the tests. Getting that monkey off your back is a great accomplishment.

Congrats on passing step one. But as a Mom who was told that her now gifted and talented 11 year old daughter was going to be born with Down’s Syndrome, the Down’s refernce struck a very negative nerve with me.

I’m not usually this sensitive, but the Down’s metaphor was way off base as metaphors go, IMHO.

Damned strong work Lu! We’re all mighty proud of you, Denise & all of the others who have passed Step 1. As I mentioned to Denise, every Step gets easier from here. Hell, I did not even crack a book for Step 3!!!

  • OldManDave Said:
As I mentioned to Denise, every Step gets easier from here. Hell, I did not even crack a book for Step 3!!!!

True dat. I made some pathetic half-hearted attempts to study for Step 3 and then gave up. It was soooooo easy. And Step 2, taken shortly after the conclusion of third year, is challenging but NOT hard. If you've studied through third year you'll love taking that test because you will actually think to yourself, "Hey! I KNOW this stuff!" It's a real thrill.