Paul L Foster School of Medicine, El Paso TX

Hello, everyone, if you have any questions about PLFSOM please send me an email at I am soooo happy to be at this school! Well, first of all, Spanish is my minor but I have never had a chance to actually get it to a very good conversational level. PLFSOM begins on July 2 with Spanish Immersion and Community Health education(overview of public health issues and its relation to health. So I love the fact that besides medicine, I am learning another language. After summer spanish immersion we will have Medical Spanish once a week for 4 years.

Secondly: we have integrative curriculum. Meaning that we study classical sciences in Units presented in the way that a patient would present the symptoms to you: for example: we have Unit 1 next week. So we will study anatomy, biochemistry physiology related to the sore throat clinical presentation. We will also see standardized patients on the same week and put the theory to to practice.

And lastly: there are many opportunities to hone your clinical skills from the first year. We have access to patients from day one and some are Spanish speaking too for those interested in learning medical Spanish.

I am sure many school follow a similar curriculum but not all of them. We have a diverse student body. In terms of MCAT, it varies: we have students with 26 MCAT to 32 and above (anybody with high MCAT score is offered a full scholarship). We have a few RNs too, majors range from bio to music. I really enjoy the climate here too. THe summer doesn’t have Austin humidity and we had a week of rain (probably not typical though ) Oh, in terms of safety. I was really concerned about it before I even heard about the school . This year it was rated the safest city with the population of 500, 000. The mountains are very pretty too…Sorry about a rushed letter but feel free to contact me if you come for the interview or just have more questions about the school or the city.

Sounds good!

Are you a TX resident? I live in Dallas, and I’m applying for F 2015 admission to all the TX schools. I wasn’t planning on applying to El Paso since its so far (my husband gets grumpy when I talk about moving), but I really like what you said about the way the curriculum is set up.

What kind of candidates are they looking for? Are they pretty non-trad friendly? I’ve heard vague rumors that some of the schools in TX aren’t.