Peace of my mind

I wanted to share this with you guys. It is in the Sept. 19 issue of JAMA, and I think it describes how most of us feel as we proceed through medical school. . . .and life!

Peace of My Mind

Have you seen my mind?

No? Oh please be kind and do help me find it.

I merely meant to change it but in that split-

second time it seems that I lost it.

And what if I’ve left my mind open?

I can’t think what I’d do with someone else’s

thoughts on my mind – so please would you mind

helping me find mine?

I tried to keep my mind on the task at hand,

but I got distracted. My mind may have wandered away.

It’s done that before. I’m afraid now my thoughts may

be scattered, my mind in pieces on the floor!

Oh, just a little peace of mind would do.

From that I could make my mind up anew.

But now, I’m so out of my mind completely –

Could you please re-mind me what’s true?

–Rick Mansfield, MD

–White River Junction, Vermont

LOL, thanks, Linda. I quite liked that.

-Adam, whose high school senior yearbook statement was a Mark Twain quote often attributed to Ozzy Osbourne :wink: