Peer Mentoring as Clinical Experience?

My name is Fabrizzio, and I have been watching Dr.Gray’s videos lately responding to questions in this forum. I will be applying to med school in the 2022 cycle, and have been wondering if one of the activities that I do counts as clinical experience.
I have been a peer mentor in my school for two years, and will continue with this position until I get to med school. As a peer mentor, I work with students and help them transition to our university, offering advice in all forms such as, mental health aid, academic resources, or even health resources that the university has but are not well known by students. I get to have 8 hours weekly to see and help my mentees in whatever they need. We sit, walk, and sometimes eat together as he or she tells me his problems or needs.
Once I’ve had a mentee with disability and we spent the whole semester doing fun activities for him to stay active in college, and move around, in our assigned hours that the peer mentoring program normally gives. Since I am physically working with students, does this count as clinical? I wonder it is not since I am being a mentor at my school.
Also, I am a volunteer in this job!

Thank you Dr.Gray you awesome !