Permanent resident with a foreign degree

Hi everyone,
As you read in the title I’m a permanent resident in the us with a foreign non-science bachelor degree (graduated with honors). I’ve decided to pursue my dream of becoming a physician, and i’m a little bit stuck with a decision :
Since i have to get my prereqs before i can apply, i was wondering where should i take the courses, should i apply for a formal postbacc, a DYI postbacc, or should i apply to a 4 year college and get an undergrad degree while taking my courses ?
A postbacc program or dyi program could be a faster way of getting my prereqs (knowing that i’m 27), on the other hand, AAMC doesn’t verify foreign transcripts/degrees and will submit the grades as non verified.
Can anyone relate or give me their opinion ?

Hi Adam,

I am in almost the same situation as you are in!
I’ve earned BS Food Science and Nutrition in South Korean and went to Loma Linda University(California) for my MS but dropped out due to financial and family issues.

I was actually thinking about getting Accelerated BSN to get my degree in a year and during my gap year to work and prep for MCAT. Also getting more experience in clinical settings…
I am not 100% sure if this is the right way but I just want to follow the path that I’ve planned.
From my research though, I don’t think postbac is a great option for us since most of the medical school requires a BS or higher degree from US/Canada Fully accredited institution…

Well, I am 33 and still chasing my dream !! So, please don’t give up! good luck with you as well!!

Hi Guys,

From the info I have gathered. Enroll in a 4 year program and have your credits evaluated and transferred to a college or university. Take all your prerequisite courses and then you can apply to a Med School in the U.S that will accept your international degree. I actually contacted AAMC and they told me they accept transcripts from a secondary institution in the U.S.

there are accelerated courses for obtaining a bachelor’s degree if you have already completed collegiate
they last 2 years