Personal Invitation to the OPM 2007 Conference!

Hey guys, I just wanted to personally invite all of you to attend the the SDN Party at OldPreMeds 2007 Conference in Chicago, IL. Look below in my signature for the link to our info webpage. I hope to see & meet all of you there.

SDN has generously sponsored our traditional “Meet ‘N’ Greet” that kicks of the conference on Thursday evening from 5pm-ish until the bar closes. SDN has footed the bill for appetizers & has pre-paid a portion of the cash bar for the night…will = approx 1~2 cocktails/attendee. After that, it comes out of your own pocket! In conjuntion, we will also hold our opening exhibitor’s session repleat with med school, post-bacc & other vendor reps who will be there to demonstrate their wares & answer your questions.

The speaker line up this year - like every year - is superb. A couple of elements remain in flux; however, once they have gelled, I will post a detailed agenda. In the meantime, I hope to post today all of the components that are solidified. Be watching in the 2007 Conference & Workshops forum for details as they evolve.

The conference will be held in Chicago at the Westin Northshore. Since this is a BRAND NEW hotel - opened in Oct/Nov 2006 - OPM was able to secure their normally $300+/nt rooms for $119/nt!!! [Yes, room sharing is cool, but the hotel has a $10 surcharge for doing so].

Again, follow the link in my signature to access our conference info page. From there, you can link to hotel reservations & to OldPreMeds’ registration & fee payment processes. The fee? Only $75/person - spouses/significant others are free to attend…unless they are also pre-meds or med students - who would also need to register & pay.

Hope to see all of you in Chicago!

With everything that has happened in the last year, I am still looking forward to this year’s conference. This is an event that not only helps premeds, but med students as well. And it certainly helps to boost your morale and increase your determination to succeed.

I can’t wait to get there!! Please…if you’ve never been, try to get to this conference. I think it will be the best one yet!