Personal Statement Readers

Hi all -

This is a great resource and I’m happy to finally feel like I’m at a point where I can throw my hat in the ring. So, my leadoff post is a request:

I’ll be applying during the upcoming (2013) cycle and wondered if anyone here is willing to look over my personal statement for content. I have, as most here do, a unique (I shudder to use the word) story, and want to be sure that I’m presenting it in the most compelling way possible.

About me:


*Former management consultant in managed care and pharma

*Horrific undergraduate record (2.9-ish cumulative)

*3.95 post-bacc with ~60 credits, ~40 of which are my core-prereqs (never taken previously) at a major university-affiliated post-bacc.

*Registered for April MCAT, trending well on my diagnostic exams.

*A few notable personal accomplishments (completely unrelated to healthcare or my prior career) which I’ll leave out of here for the sake of pretending at internet anonymity but am happy to share with others via PM.

As for why I’m not asking my post-bacc program for feedback on my PS - I’ve come to realize that most advisers have great intentions but little credible first-hand knowledge of the admissions process. I’d rather hear it from people here who have been knee-deep in it and perhaps some who have seen both sides of the coin.

Thanks to any/all in advance!

The folks working as advisors with our MCAT_Buster team have: all received </= to 24 on MCATs, have all been involved with the Med school interviewing process, have completed medical school and at least one Residency and have been evaluating packages and personal statement for more than 5 years now. So we understand the complexities of the process. Let us know if we can assist in anyway.

I’ll be on spring break in 3 weeks. PM me and I’ll email you when I’m on break and you can send it over. If you send it before then it will get “lost” in the emails I never have time to read.