Personal Statement review


You are all an inspiring bunch! If anyone has the time, would someone be willing to critique my personal statement? I’ve been out of school for 14 years now, and am heavily stressing my experience as opposed to my academics from long ago.


I have time next week. If you wish, send me the document at fcbk at cox dot net.

Background on myself: I work at an engineering firm, have not taken any pre-reqs, never applied to medsch. I’ve not started on this path yet and have not written a PS myself. However, if you’re just interested in having a second set of eyes look at your document and receiving general comments, I could do that for you by Wed evening at latest.

Thanks, Dullhead. Much appreciated!

i would be glad to take a look as well

Thank you, so much, Becky! Should I email it to you?

yes email it to me at mommy2three2 @