Personal Statement Tips

Hi all. I’m (with a colleague) presenting an informational session on applying to medical school for our university pre-medical society. One of the topics we’re going to cover is writing the personal statement.
I’m looking for any advice/tips/etc. that you have that I may share with the group that have made your personal statment (or the one you’re going to write) superb! I appreciate any advice you can give that has worked for you, since we’re all so different with such varied writing and organizational styles.
Also, if you have written your personal statement and would be willing to share it (of course we’d block out any personal information), that would be much appreciated as well. We’d like to compile a few different examples of personal statements to show that there is no formula to what a personal statement has to be. Just drop me a note if you’d be willing to share.
Many thanks for any assistance you can give to my fellow pre-meds at my university as well as our own oldpremed group here!

I’d be willing to give you mine; PM me your email and I’ll send it to you. My advice for future applicants would be to make your PS tell a coherent story: past, present and future. You need to be able to articulate where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to go.

I’ve registered with AMCAS today. And decided to finish my personal statement. I’m still correcting few things but I should have it ready tonight. I would be grateful to whoever would devote some time and give me some feedback on my essay.