Personal Statement

Over the years, there have been many questions as to how to write a personal statement, especially if you have a history of poor grades.

As we start our 3rd year, the Dean provided us with our personal statements so we can reflect on why we want to be in medical school. I decided, that I will provide mine as one example of a personal statement.

I, like many of you, have a history of performing poorly in UG. I graduated with a 2.56 in 1997. I pretty much summed up that I am no longer that person in the 3rd paragraph of the personal statement. It is important to acknowledge your mistakes of the past but you need to put a positive spin to it. You never want anything negative in your personal statement.

Good luck.

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Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for posting that!

Dude, you stole my future personal statement! Seriously I could have written that. I am currently a paramedic that graduated 10 years ago with a 2.56. I have since become a different person and obtained high marks. One of the driving factors for making a leap from prehospital medicine is the continuity of care that I currently don’t get to provide. Although stabilizing and treating what I can on the critically ill is important I would like to actually be able to participate in helping them recover, live with, and prevent future disease and injury.

Thanks for sharing, that really hit home.

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for posting this Gabe!