This site is an inspiration. Within 20 minutes of reading the forums the remaining doubts and/or questions I’d had about my being invited to study medicine were all but erased.Thank you all. A little about myself. 33, live in Vancouver B.C. I was three years into my B.A. in anthropology when I decided to live life. I just sold out my interest in a bicycle shop of which I’d been a partner in for the last five years. I’ll be starting college in March to begin my B.Sc. then hopefully on to med school. Once again thank you all. To see people in very similar situations and excelling spurs me on. Thinking I would be unable to find anyone to relate my experiences with was the scariest of the tasks that I have undertaken so far on this long difficult path.
Pat Beckstead

Hi and welcome. I love this site and have lurked here for awhile before registering. I have been inspired by all the “older” folks like me here at OPM.
Good luck as your journey has just begun. There will be hard times, so be prepared and never give up if medicine is what you really want to do.

Hi Pat,
Welcome to the site. It will be great to hear from you in the form of posts from time to time as your journey goes on.
Vancouver, BC is just about one of the most beautiful cities on earth. I just love your SeaBus and I love the Canucks. I can’t wait to get back and enjoy some wonderful Pacific Coast salmon. I have had many wonderful times in such a great location. Come to think of it, I just love BC anyway. Vancouver is just icing on the whole cake.