Philosophy Major/Neuroscience Minor

I am thinking of majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Neuroscience. My question is not so much in regards to the Philosophy degree as it is the Neuroscience minor. I would love to take the material for my own knowledge but do you think it would have a bearing on my application? Any thoughts or experiences with non-science degrees would be appreciated as well.


From what I’ve heard from friends in medical school, adcoms don’t really look at minors. However, the courses that you’ll be required to take for the minor would certainly support your application.

Additionally, being a Philosophy major will help you stand out slightly, since you’re not majoring in science or engineering - which most medical school matriculates were in undergrad.

I think you’re on the right path. Philosophy and science mess really well. I know first hand because I graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy (emphasis on philosophy of science and biomedical ethics).

Best of Luck. :slight_smile: