Photos for Secondaries

Does anyone else find it weird that some of these schools ask for photos? What is this, a dating service? How does a picture of my face (a quite handsome one at that) fit into the admissions criteria? I get the feeling that some of these schools are going for a particular look.

Yes, it’s a bit awkward. I really didn’t like doing it, but did it anyways.

Maybe your face will strike the fancy of the adcom?

It is a weeding out tool, but not in the way you might be thinking. An adcom at my state school told us tales of the shocking pictures they’ve received over the years. One person sent in a photo of someone famous, as a joke - but as he said, this is a serious endeavor and not a time for practical jokes. Another sent a picture with her cat sitting on her shoulder. Another sent in a photo of him lifting weights in his muscle shirt. He said on average they eliminate at least 100 candidates each cycle based solely on the photo. If someone doesn’t have enough sense to send a professional photo, then they’re probably not what medicine is looking for. Schools get quite a few mentally/emotionally unstable people applying - people whose personal statement talks about the voices telling them to apply to med school, people dropping the F-bomb or sitting cross-legged during the interview. Some steps in the process are definitely designed as weeding-out methods. As long as you’re sane, professional, and have sense, you’ll be fine. View the photo as another opportunity to show adcoms that you’re prepared for the medical field and can follow a simple task. No worries!

Thanks for the input Switzerland. I guess that makes sense.

PixieSanders - Ha. I wish! Nowadays, I’m happy if my shirt doesn’t have spit up from my baby boy or if I’m able to fit in some time at the gym to work off some fat before I get home. Ah, how life quickly changes. I was probably more presentable when I was in undergrad trying to impress girls by lifting weights and wearing the latest fashion.

Same here, didn’t like this part. But did it anyways. I wore a nice shirt, a tie, shaved and try not to make faces!

I just tried to look professional and “serious”. The TMDSAS requires that as part of the primary application, so I had to put it in there. The pic looks good though (a bit like my avatar, a few years younger, but not too many).