Physical Sciences

I need some study help or just advice. I am interested in a career in academic medicine. AFter undergrad. I went to graduate school and received my Masters degree with a 4.0 average. Since then I have been teaching biology at a college. I took the August 2003 MCAT and did not do well on the physical science portion. Physics has always been my achilles heel. How can I get over this hump… There is more to my story but that is the basic problem that I have to conquer. Can someone help me out please

I had an extremely extremely difficult time with Physics while I was taking it (them both Physics I and Physics II)… The resource that I found the most helpful was Schaum’s guide to physics (it might be guide to college physics)…
If you’re anything like me, I tend to get the concept of what’s going on… but not be able to apply it (when it comes to math). Even as a little kid, I always had a HORRIBLE time with word problems. This book has tons of worked out problems and lots of practice problems there for you to work out.
I used it more for Physics I than for Physics II (it made more sense because of how the class was laid out)… and from the time I bought the book on, my letter grades improved dramatically on the exams. It saved me for the final… and I ended up with a good grade in the class…
I’m not affiliated with the company in any way… just like to endorse this book especially because it helped me soooo much… I also have the chemistry book, and will probably acquire the organic book soon to help me with MCAT studying.
good luck!
Take care!