Physician Shadowing - In Work / Activities?

I’m just finishing up my applications and am trying to wedge my shadowing experiences into the Work/Activities section. I’ve decided to categorize it as “other” but perhaps “Extracurricular/Hobbies/ Avocation” would be a better fit?

Any thoughts on this?


This is a great question. I believe that I put my shadowing experiences in as “other”. Maybe someone else can tell us which category is appropriate.

I’m not applying to med school this year, but after going to the OPM conference this summer I started giving my future application some serious thought, and regarding shadowing plan to put it in the “other” category unless I hear something pretty darn convincing otherwise. IMO it’s not a hobby or avocation, and “extracurricular” to me means something you DO (i.e., a chess club where you actually play chess regularly with real people), not something you WATCH (which is what you do when you shadow). I think the extracurricular/avocation /hobby category is a stretch, but that’s just me.

I ended up putting in other. So we’ll see.


I don’t think it really matters either way … the ADCOMS know what “shadowing” is!!!…

consensus seems to be “other”