physicians assistant

what is the schooling required to become a P.A. and the payscale?
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Here’s a link to the Mayo Physician Assistant program (yes, they even train PA’s! .) It will give you info about length of program, coursework, requirements, etc.
I have a friend who graduated from this program and he started at $65,000 in a rural setting. I have no idea if this is high, low, or median, though.

I have been reseaching this for myself and can tell you what I know, though I am sure that the several practicing PA’s in OPM can give you more complete info. I was also in a PA program 20 years ago but dropped out after a few months due to family/personal issues.
PA pre-reqs are “about” the same as pre-med with a few additionnal courses. While each program is different, many require microbiology, A&P, in addition to the usual courses. Programs also usually require a significant amount of hands-on clinical time, typically a full years worth (2000 hours). Programs vary from 2 upper undergrad years, to masters, to certificate programs. Some are 4 year undergrad. Hence, the standardize test for this range from SAT to GRE to a few that still may use the Allied Health Exam. Some programs are University-based, other directly hospital based.

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the schooling required for PA is two + years if done a a post bacc program, and this may in some programs lead you to a masters degree of some sort (the value of which i have still yet to see, tho the extra coursework can be interesting and usefull, but payback in terms of salary can be limited)
overall salaries range depending on area of practice, overtime, location (including cost of living factors…same pay in many cases in NYC as central florida, but you probably know where rent is cheaper!!)
you get higher pay for specialty practices…
great profession if you have the right job…
starting my 10th year come this fall!!
ps is a good resource

Hi Beau,
In terms of Salary rates for a specific area you may want to check out
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There is no real standard for PA school the way there is for MD/DO…meaning to say each school is different. For the most schools they require Bio, Micro, Chem, Orgo or Biochem, Stats, Dev. Psych…
The best thing is to do a search of the school you are interested in and ask what they require. Some schools require prior medical experience however what they count as “medical” experience is not only patient contact. I’ve seen medical secretaries, lab techs, pharmaceutical sales…to name a few who have been accepted with their “medical” experience.
I would suggest you go to and search their site. They have tons of information and can point you in the right direction.

25th % 74,500
50th % 78,600
75th % 85,300