Physics and necessity of Lab

I’m trying to “assemble” my spring schedule and am finding that there are VERY limited first-courses (of a two part series) offered. That is, I was hoping to take Physics I, or Organic I in the Spring. After checking into a few colleges w/i and hour drive, I only found a few phy classes that I could consider (no organo). I’m so surprised to see so many phy II, ochem II, bio II, A&P II and so few I’s … Anyway… I had General Physics (w/calc) I & II with labs for my engineering degree — but since it was over 15 yrs, I intended to take the College Physics series to improve my chances in the MCAT, etc. I found a class at UCF that will work with my work schedule, but the associated lab is not as work friendly. But then I thought, “I don’t really need to take the lab.” Right? What do ya’ll think? Since I had the previous physics’ labs, I don’t know if necessarily have to take this one … or will it be beneficial in understanding the material (re-understanding) or significantly help me with my MCAT score? Please advise!!!

If you still have a grasp of the math and transferring physical concepts into diagrams and then equations comes naturally to you, I think you’ll be okay without repeating the lab.

I am taking Phys I now and more often than not the lab is painfully redundant. I spend a lot of time preparing for and writing reports for this lab. My teacher is a hardas$ and I want the A so I do the work, but its only 1 credit
I dont know what others will say, but I would skip it unless you NEED it. Im sure your lab time could be well spent doing other things.
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I will say exactly the same thigh as the previous two people!!! Don’t take it if you don’t have to! It’s not too hard, and not too helpful, but it’s time consuming. So if med schools will accept your lab from 15 years ago, don’t even bother. If they tell you to take it, you can always take it in more convenient time . Since lab is graded separately from the lecture you don’t have to take them simultaneously.

Crud … I just inquired with the professor … and find that the lab is REQUIRED. What? It’s listed as a seperate item in the class schedule, but for credit hrs it shows “0” (and lecture reflects “4”). Arrrr I cannot find a single class to take this semester!!! It’s a full/spring term!!! There’s actually more courses offered during summer sessions than spring. Anyone else think this is odd? This is gonna push my MCAT a full term - August 2007 now.

Oh - and thanks for all the replies. I really appreciate the feedback and support this site offers.
And not only is the lab tough to fit into my work schedule, but I had totally forgotten how much work lab reports can be … I have it easy right now with my chem professor. Whew.

Is there another college close to take it? Oh there is an online Physics course it is through Oregon University. Check it out it is through accredited colleges and I was told it does not show up as an online course.


For Sunny State.

I don’t know about acceptance of these courses by ADCOMs and you may want an opinion of what would happen if you took one of them but both of these are real major colleges.

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