Physics and Ochem together?

Hello everyone,

Quick question. What are your thoughts on taking Organic Chemistry and Physics (both with lab) during the same semester? Is that too much? In other words:

Spring Semester:

Organic Chem I with Lab

Physics I with Lab

Fall Semester:

Organic Chem II with lab

Physics II with Lab



It would be pretty hard if you’re working. Doing that very thing now, BUT (a) without orgo lab, (b) physics lab meets alternate weeks, and © not quite working FT.

If you’re not working, well…


Thanks for the response. Yes, I’d imagine that it would be a bit strenuous if working full-time. However, I’m not working full-time (only about 30 hours/wk) so I entertained the thought of taking both classes together.

That said, grades are important, so it made sense to just take one at a time along with some of my major coursework. But, I was curious to see if anyone found this pairing of classes to heavy.

Best of luck in your classes sc.

I took Physics II + Lab, Orgo I (no lab) and Cell Biology last semester, and worked around 30 hrs/week. Definitely doable but make sure not to fall behind. Keep up with reading and doing HW/Problem sets during the weekdays, and use weekends for intense problem solving sessions.

Here’s what I did on a weekly basis:

M/W = Read Physics, review notes, go through examples, etc => ~2-3 hrs

T/Th = Read Orgo, review, notes, go through examples, etc => ~2-3 hrs

Sat = Orgo, Orgo, Orgo, Cell Bio reading

Sun = Physics, Physics, Physics, Cell Bio reading

To be honest, I actually had time to exercise and have some fun too and ended with 4.0…just make sure you don’t fall behind.

I’ve become an advocate of a moderately heavy schedule for older premeds- like the one you’re asking about. You need to find out your threshhold for a intense, draining study schedule before you apply to med school. If you wash out of premed because of the pace, I think it’s much less catastrophic than washing out of medical school, with all the debt and wasted effort that entails. Interested in whether my med student colleagues agree with my assessment. Go for it!

If I can add my input. I agree with you 100%. I will be taking Gen Chem 1 W/Lab and BIO 1 W/ Lab next week and working 30 hours part-time. I figure if I cannot handle that (with good grades) then I cannot handle medical school.

I think Matt put it well. You have to be able to handle a moderate difficult load.



I have to agree with Mark and Judy. Taking Orgo and Physics in the same semester especially if you arent working full time, is really not that serious. If you are planning to go to med school, you should be able to handle two basic pre-req classes in one semester.

If orgo and physics is all you are taking in one semester, then you are lucky. Thats hardly a full load.