Physics can, for the moment, go kick rocks

I’ve been more than a little worried about Physics. My instructor is probably the worst teacher I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve basically had to teach the material to myself.

I was frustrated about this, because I spend hours (that I don’t have to waste) learning how to do problems that a competent teacher could explain in 30 minutes. I learned how to do problems wrong, then had to backtrack and learn why they were wrong and how to get the right answer… all a needless journey had I had a great teacher to help me do it correctly the first time.

Hours and hours and hours later, I just got my first exam back. A whopping 110%. I am officially proud. I guess I’m an ok teacher.

So, for the time being, I am taking a Physics break. Just a little one. I don’t even want to look at my calculator right now. So all things Physics? You can go climb a tree. Kick rocks. Or whatever other Southern slang I can come up with that isn’t profane to simply say… I don’t give a flying flip about you right now!!! LOL

First Organic exam tonight… I have an amazing teacher and feel really prepared.

So there we go. Just like that. A second ago, we were all wishing each other good luck at the beginning of the semester, and now? Halfway done.


Time flies when we’re having fun… hang in there, everyone–the semester will be over before we know it!

Carrie - you must feel awesome. That grade is killer!!!

With so many folks reporting problems with Physics, I’m curious. Does anyone have weblinks to sample questions / answers? I don’t want to buy any books just yet since I won’t be taking Physics I until next sem. However, I TA’d an Electricity and Magnetism lab in grad school and also graded exams for that class (it was the standard Physics 100 level course that all science and engineering majors had to take, so presumably it was pre-med level.) That was 13 years ago and I wonder if the course difficulty today is greater.

Woo! Go Carrie! Another positive about that grade - if something turns sour later on in the semester, you’ve got lots of extra points to cover it :slight_smile:

Yay Carrie! That’s great news!

I’ve been wondering about your o-chem exam. You and I are taking the same classes right now. I had my o-chem midterm last week, but have another quiz in that class tomorrow. Yikes! So much for catching my breath. My first physics exam is on Thursday. We’re kind of reversed from each other a little it seems.

Good luck on the o-chem exam. I’m sure you’ll rock it!

Congrats Carrie.

Has there ever been a good Physics instructor?

Thanks, guys-- yes, it definitely feels great to be able to sit back and take a breath!

Dullhead–I think it’s not that physics is any harder than some of the other pre-reqs. In all honesty, I think it’s just kind of a brain shift for some of us. It requires a different kind of studying, different kind of logic, and a different part of my brain. At least, that’s how it feels. With your prior experience, though, I’m sure you’ll tap into that very quickly, and you won’t likely have any issues. There are too many online guides to list–but I’ve found that I can google the topic of just about any problem I’m working on and find an online resource to help.

Erica–the orgo test was…well, it’s over. LOL It wasn’t too terrible, but I have to admit I was a little over confident. We’ll see how it all works out…I feel ok about it, though. GOOD LUCK on your physics test! You can do it!! Just take it one problem at a time… =)

Amanda–you are so right. I am ALL about stacking my grade at the beginning of the semester, because I usually feel my motivation waning a bit by the end. It’s a good feeling to be sitting with a surplus of points!

Have a beautiful day, everyone–and best of luck getting through the mid-term point! FUD be damned!! (I think that’s my new mantra. =)

Congrats on the Physics grade! Physics is a bear, isn’t it? I took Phy110 over the summer to help prepare me. It was awful. Some of you may remember my posts. My teacher was okay, though, but you’re right, physics seems to require a different kind of thinking and I found myself just drained by it. I managed an A in the 7 week physics marathon, but it took a lot of work. I now know what is in store for the “real” premed Physics and I don’t even want to think about it, but I will have to soon. Ugh.

It seems a good Physics teacher is hard to come by. I have asked my fellow students in Physics this semester how it’s going, and I get a lot of sighs and exasperated looks. One of my classmates says she is ready to talk to the Dean because the teacher is just awful. Apparently he (tries) to explain something and then a minute or two later, decides that wasn’t right or wasn’t what he wanted to say and completely confuses the student.

My okay teacher over the summer told us that it wasn’t uncommon to “get” something in class and then later have no idea! What is it about physics that messes with our heads?

Anyway, carrieliz, I love your grade and your attitude! You made things work despite not having been given the proper instruction (by your teacher, that is, you seem to have instructed yourself just fine). I totally agree, that, for now, Physics can go kick rocks! That’s how I felt when I finished up this summer. Of course, you and I both will have to revisit it-you sooner than I, but for now enjoy the break!

Congrats again!