Physics from 20 years ago...Mother, I've come home

Hi all,
I’m new to the forum (my first post - I think it appropriate to pause for a moment of quiet reflection to ponder…uh, yeah, back to it) and wanted to ask about this situation…
The physics I’ve had in my undergrad degree was about 20 years ago (B and C, respectively). I’m taking the Kaplan review starting this month to prepare for the August test.
Should that be enough, or do I need to plan on cracking the books (albeit old and dusty). Being an EET, I’ve had to use some of the circuit analysis portion of physics, but the kinematics, newtonian mechanics, etc. ad nauseum has been a while.
How bad is the physics on the MCAT?

My physics was 9 years old when I took the MCAT. The Kaplan review course was all of the review I did and it was fine for reviewing the pertinient topics. I thought that the course focused me on the important topics and the AAMC practice exams let me practice them. Since you are good at circuits, you already have a firm grasp on the one topic that gives people trouble.
However, as Amy said, I would make sure that the schools you are interested in will accept them.
Good luck,

Also adcoms will be expecting to see some recent courses under your belt…I am sure that you have taken some classes that are recent and upper level sciences. Some schools will not accept really really old pre-reqs so make sure you call and find out before you put down the money for applications.

Hey thanks all. Yes, I’ve got some more recent (within the last two years) prereqs - Bio I, A&P I, Gen Chem I and II, Organic Chem I and II - all A’s. Both of the chem classes were ‘accelerated’ meaning the class did both Gen Chem. 1 and 2 in one semester (it hurt). Then I did the accelerated Orgo Chem (same deal - both semesters in one physical semester (it really hurt)). In a twisted, distorted kinda way, I enjoyed Orgo Chem. It was kinda neat.