Physics I grade posted

Well, my last Physics exam was yesterday and our prof graded them and posted our exam and overall grades for the course already and I’m over the moon delighted to report that I got a solid A in this course!

Along with the other two (non science/math) classes I took this summer, that is another 4.0 semester for me.

Now, I’m going to try super hard to relax these next two weeks before the Fall semester begins. It will be hard not to dive right into organic chem, but I will try not to overdo it.

Dang, I’m so happy and so proud of myself. I’m not one for self-congratulations, but this time I will indulge!

Indulge away! Congratulations, Shannon.

Well done, Shannon!! Keep it up!!

You are now my hero, as I start Physics on the 27th. Kudos to you!!

Thanks everyone! You’ll do great, Vicki. Just practice, practice, practice all the problems you can. Physics is probably my least favorite of the science classes (my brain is not a “physics” brain) so getting that A meant more than others have.


As my mates would say down under, “G’d on ya!” I know from experience that euphoric feeling you get when you see that “A” on your transcript.

It’s difficult to explain just how the first letter of our alphabet can have such extraordinary meaning.

Keep up the excellent work, we’re all cheering for ya!


Shannon, I am SO proud of you!!! Celebrating the victory with you today… it’s no small feat to tackle Physics in the summer and come out on top like you have. Way to go!!!

This puts you one step closer… always, always, celebrate the fact that every semester sees you one step closer to the finish line. Just check this one off your list and KEEP ON RUNNING!!

Isn’t it fun to see your dreams coming into reach?