Physics Lab Requirement

So when I was in undergrad I completed the physics series (3 quarters consisting of physics 1, 2, 3) however I only took 1 quarter of physics lab.

My school had a biology-major series of physics and an engineering-major series of physics. If you were a biology major and opted to take the engineering series then you only needed 1 quarter of physics lab rather than 3 quarters with the biology series which is what I did. This was about 8 years ago now and I completely forgot until i was looking at my old transcript.

All of the information I can find online and on the MSAR does not make any specific notes about how much physics lab is required in addition to the 1 year of lecture.

Short of calling schools individually and asking, I’m wondering if I seriously have to go back and take more physics lab especially because I cannot take the lab alone without the lecture at every school I’ve looked at.